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Update 5/31/2020: The Timberline Freestyle Training Center (FTC) has been put on pause for Summer 2020. Due to COVID-19 uncertainty and giant planning hurdles for camps and our mountain operations, we could not responsibly move forward and create the elite level product while maintaining the integrity and intention of the FTC as the premier World Class summer freestyle training center.

Skiers and riders can still expect a premier experience on Mt. Hood this summer. The Timberline Summer Freestyle park program will move forward and open June 29th - August 1st in the same Palmer park zone (where FTC was planned to be), with handle tow service and geared to freestyle progression with carefully designed and maintained features and terrain. The Timberline Summer Freestyle park program will still provide access to everyone for all abilities. Individuals, teams, coaches and camps will have access to the Timberline Summer Freestyle Park.

We look forward to seeing and supporting our summer camp and training partners and welcome the public to come up for some summer Freestyle action at Timberline. FTC will be back in 2021!

Please stay happy and well.

Freestyle Training Center Details

The Freestyle Training Center (FTC) will be open this summer June 15th through August 1st, with the halfpipe opening June 15th through July 15th. The FTC will operate Mondays through Saturdays with Sundays reserved for park maintenance and rebuilds. FTC season passes will go on sale in May. Lift tickets will be available for purchase at Guest Services once the FTC opens in June. Participants must sign release at time of purchase.

FREESTYLE COACHES - FTC reservations are CLOSED for summer 2020 COACH MANUAL

TIMBERLINE FREESTYLE CAMPERS will also have access to the Freestyle Training Center this summer. LEARN MORE

For more information about the Timberline Freestyle Training Center, please call 503-272-3158 or email.

Summer Lift Ticket $75 includes mountain & public park access $110 includes FTC, mountain & public park access
Summer Season Pass $899 includes mountain & public park access $1249 includes FTC, mountain & public park access
Summer Season Pass + Daily FTC Ticket $899 includes mountain & public park access $35/day includes FTC, mountain & public park access

Freestyle Training Center Updates

As Timberline develops its new Freestyle Training Center, we'll post updates to keep our guests, coaches, and campers in the loop.

Some important key details of the program:

  • Timberline will STILL build and offer a public summer park, with no access restrictions, and it will run through the end of summer operations.
  • Timberline will now build and manage freestyle training parks that will be located in the traditional private camp areas (HCSC, Windells, Pro Park, MHSSC) just below midway road on Palmer.
  • Individual guests and teams will now have the opportunity to access these parks without paying to attend a private camp program.
  • There will be an additional access fee for this area for all guests.
  • The Camps, HCSC/Windells/MHSSC, will still have a summer program. Their campers will now have access to and share ALL PARK ZONES with other paying guests.
  • Timberline will build, as we have in the past, the summer freestyle parks. The difference moving forward is that Timberline will design the parks, and maintain them during the day with our park crew.
  • The new parks will have 4 handle tows servicing all skill level of riders and skiers including: 22’ pipe, 22’ pipe landing bag set up, pro/expert level jump and rails, full intermediate level jump line, rail park, and tranny features, comprehensive novice zone including jump, rail, and tranny features, beginner hike zone for our newest park riders, micro landing bag for learning anything from a first air to first freestyle tricks.

Timberline Lodge and Ski Area Announces the New Timberline Freestyle Training Center

For more than 30 years, freestyle terrain parks and features have been championed at Timberline, leading to the genesis of many modern terrain park design and build practices around the world. The Kohnstamms and senior Timberline leaders Steve Kruse and Jeff Flood made sure athletes and camps would have a USA home to push the industry every summer. With countless films and photos inspiring riders and skiers around the world to make a pilgrimage every summer, Timberline is where so many have started careers and fueled their passion.

For many years the majority of Timberline’s summer terrain parks have been private, hosting some of the most innovative camps in the world. Now that terrain will be open to everyone. Timberline’s Freestyle Training Center will provide access for everyone to carefully designed parks for all abilities, incredible training opportunities for athletes and teams, and amazing camp experiences. Now individuals, teams, coaches, and camps will have access to our parks every summer.

The Freestyle Training Center will be focused on the summer months, where Timberline provides the longest ski season in North America. These terrain facilities will include a 22-foot Superpipe - cut by the legendary Timberline Grooming and Park Crew and world class pipe cutters, an all-new halfpipe spine airbag, progressive jump and transition features, rail and jib features of all shapes and sizes including top-level rail features, and a brand new BX/SX course with a world-cup spec start gate. All of this will amount to the single largest summer terrain park in Timberline history. “I am very proud of the freestyle roots at Timberline, in large part driven by our tremendous summer camps. I am also very excited for what the future of the Freestyle Training Center will offer to the skiing and snowboarding community. ” – Jeff Kohnstamm, President and Area Operator, Timberline Lodge & Ski Area.

Timberline provides the easiest and quickest access to summer snow in the northern hemisphere. With two miles of terrain, the Timberline Freestyle Training Center is accessed by two high-speed quads. The facility will be serviceable by multiple handle tows, giving riders quick laps and maximum time on snow.

Riders and skiers can plan their experience on their own and by participating in Timberline's Summer Freestyle Camp, staying onsite at Timberline Lodge or in housing in the surrounding Mt. Hood communities. There are great options to stay with camps providing a complete package along with access to private dryland facilities. High Cascade and Windells, based just 35 minutes away, provide an industry leading camp experience with a world-class skatepark, artificial snow ramps and rails, trampoline facilities, and onsite housing. Mount Hood Summer Ski Camps (and snowboard too), offers the closest all-inclusive packages to Timberline with top-tier coaching, beginner to pro level programs, skate ramp and action oriented field trips.

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