Construction starts on July 1, 2018!

The Timberline Bike Park is not open but construction begins on July 1st. This summer, our bike park build crew will establish 7-10 miles of trails for all abilities, from beginner to advanced. The Timberline to Town Trail is now open but be aware of snowy spots. Riders should respect the trail and existing vegetation to prevent erosion. For this reason, it is imperative that riders stay on the trail and do not make their own trails. For directions to the Timberline to Town Trail, click here.

While there is still much work to do, we have set a course toward offering a premium lift-serviced mountain bike park and trail system at Timberline. If you’re half as excited about this as we are, you’ve already jumped out of your chair and onto your bike! We have diligently been working towards the Timberline Bike Park Project, and look forward to a Summer 2019 opening.

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Safety First

When we break ground on Timberline's new bike park on July 1st, we ask that guests and public stay out of the construction area for their own safety as well as the safety of the build crew. This will also allow the build crew to be more efficient in the few short months they have to complete the first phase of the project.

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Conservation is Key

It is of utmost importance that we protect Mt. Hood's water resources, prevent erosion, revegetate the landscape, and promote bee habitats while the bike park is under construction and operating in the future. Timberline's Trail Crew have experience as trail stewards for other Mt. Hood bike trails. They are working closely with Timberline's own Environmental Coordinator and the US Forest Service to make the Timberline Bike Park a sustainable and environmentally-conscious project.

Timberline Bike Park Updates
PHASE 1 - Posted 6/25/18

Several years of planning and anticipation is finally coming to fruition as Timberline gears up to start construction of its lift-assisted bike park on July 1st. This is a 2-3 phase project, with 7-10 miles of trails on the construction schedule this summer. Upon completion, the Timberline Bike Park will consist of trails and features for all skill levels plus a skills park under Bruno’s Chair. The Bike Park Grand Opening is scheduled for summer 2019.

Safety and conservation are our priorities while the park is under construction and operating in the future. It is imperative that the public stays out of bike park construction areas this summer. This not only ensures the safety of the public but of our build crew too. This will also allow the build crew to focus on construction and build more efficiently in the few short months we have to complete the first phase.

Bike Park Manager Joel Armstrong was hired to oversee construction and all aspects of the bike park once it’s operating. Joel brings a strong background in mountain biking and hands-on bike park management experience. He came to Timberline after five years of managing Skibowl’s bike park. Joel is also the trail steward for the Timberline to Town, Crosstown, and Pioneer Bridle Trails and an advocate for the NW Trail Alliance. As a certified erosion sediment control inspector and trail steward, he heads up teams of volunteers to maintain and revegetate Mt. Hood’s public bike trails. Joel humbly admits to having some pro downhill racing experience in addition to 15 years of being employed in Portland bike shops.

The Timberline Bike Park will cater to all ages and all riding abilities, from beginner to advanced. Phase 1 includes the building and sculpting of nearly 10 miles of green, blue, and black trails. The green flow trail will be lower grade and easy. The blue trail will be steeper and faster with some technical terrain jumps and rollers. A single and double black trail will be even steeper with bigger jumps and gap jumps. It will be a full-service bike park offering all levels of bike rentals plus protective gear and helmet rentals. Bikes and equipment will also be offered for sale in the Wy’East Store. Timberline Bike School will offer lessons and bike tours for all skill levels. Students will learn about safety and bike park etiquette on a skills park area before hitting the trails with an experienced instructor.

Until construction starts on July 1st, Timberline’s trail crew along with trail designer Gravity Logic are on-hill scouting trails and reflagging. Gravity Logic is a leading bike park planning and design firm that Timberline has been working with since the Project’s inception over five years ago.As trail steward, Joel would like riders to know that the Timberline to Town Bike Trail is now open but still has some snowy spots. Riders should respect the trail and existing vegetation to prevent erosion. For this reason, it is imperative that riders stay on the trail and do not make their own trails. For directions to and more information about the Timberline to Town Trail, click here.

MOVING FORWARD - Posted 4/4/18

On March 31, the Oregon US District Court dismissed the Timberline Bike Park law suit.

Timberline is very pleased with the Court’s decision and is excited to move forward with lift assisted mountain biking at Timberline Lodge and Ski Area. This ruling confirms the US Forest Service evaluation and approval, granted more than 5 years ago and supported by subsequent further reviews, that operation of a Bike Park at Timberline meets Mt. Hood National Forest Plan objectives and falls within our permit parameters. Steve Kruse, Timberline’s General Manager of Mountain Operations commented, “This is a good, environmentally sound project. Timberline would like to thank the US Forest Service, whose specialists worked long and hard with us and the public, in a very thorough fashion throughout the environmental analysis and related reviews for the Bike Park Project.”

Timberline is the people’s place. As stewards of Mt. Hood, Timberline remains committed to providing quality public recreation within the capabilities of the ecosystem. The Mt. Hood National Forest Plan objectives include managing ski areas to provide a diversity of winter and summer recreation activities that emphasize the forest setting. Considering this and the strong growth and popularity of mountain biking, Timberline remains committed to this modest and carefully designed Project to bring high quality, lift assisted mountain biking to Mt. Hood as an additional summer activity.

Gravity Logic, a world leader in sustainable, progressive bike park planning and design, has been working with Timberline since the Project’s inception and will continue to play an important advisory role. Construction is planned to begin Summer 2018 and will be a phased approach. The Timberline Bike Park will be developed and operated to serve local, regional and global riders of varied interests and skill levels. The project includes a skills park, trail system, natural features, built features and jump lines. Other facilities slated to open with the Bike Park include a full service retail bike shop offering repairs, rentals and sales, as well as existing Timberline Food and Beverage concessions. The Bike Park will open for full public access once the majority of the infrastructure is in place. Riders interested in being among the first to ride the park are encouraged to stay tuned at www.timberlinelodge.com.


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